The brand of wit


The creative spirit

New brand, new label!

Whereas some try desperately to caricaturise Man and show up his faults, iD emphasises his amazing ability to think up ideas.
They are the very roots of creation, knowledge and sharing.

Wit and humour

Men of wit have always had a good sense of humour

Humour is the healthiest form of clear sightedness, the shortest route from one man to another, a way of existing. For iD, humour is a form that persuades and attracts. To put across an idea, it's better not to take yourself too seriously, if you want others to take you seriously.

The club spirit

Get together in the same frame of mind

Today more than ever, we need new projects, both to safeguard the planet and to organise society.
ID enables all the «generators of ideas» to recognise each other.

The brand is owned by P.R.E. Pasquier. All the drawings are creations by P.R.E. Pasquier.
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