The brand with spirit


A spirit of creation

New trade mark, new brand!

While some are constantly painting caricatures of mankind and revealing his faults, iD emphasizes his incredibly ability to have ideas.
They are the root of creativity, knowledge and sharing.

Spirit and humor

People with spirit have always had a great sense of humor

Humor is the healthiest form of awareness, the shortest path between two people and an entire way of being. iD believes that humor uses its form to persuade and win people over. There is no better way to convey an idea than not to take yourself too seriously, in order to be taken seriously

The club spirit

Coming together with the same mindset

Now more than ever, we need new projects, both to protect the planet and organize our society.
iD offers a way for all «idea generators» to recognize one another.

The trade mark is the property of P.R.E. Pasquier. All designs were created by P.R.E. Pasquier.
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